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Apple iPad: 10 tips and tricks

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  • 14 Must-Know iPad Tips & Tricks.
  • iPad Tips & Tricks | iPad Insight.
  • Double-Tap Home Button to Access Brightness.
  • 14 Must-Know iPad Tips & Tricks.

News - Beta 3 of iOS This website and third-party tools use cookies for functional, analytical, and advertising purposes. By continuing to browse the site, closing this banner, scrolling this webpage, or clicking a link, you agree to these cookies. You can review our privacy policy for additional information. You can toggle which function is assigned to the side switch by opening Settings from the Home screen, selecting General , and choosing the function you want under the 'Use Side Switch to' heading.

Multitask in iOS: You probably already know that you can press the Home button twice to bring up a list of currently running or suspended apps. Also, when you choose whether the Side Switch should mute alert sounds or lock the screen orientation see the item above , the function you didn't choose will appear in this shortcut bar.

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Speed up your sentences: Double-tapping the spacebar while typing a message will type a period and then a space. Don't let AutoCorrect mess you up: If you don't like the option AutoCorrect gives you, reject it by finishing the word as you prefer, and then tapping the suggestion. If you want to use AutoCorrect's choice, just type a space or punctuation mark, or tap Return , the moment it pops up.

Secure your backups: You can encrypt your iPad's backup data in iTunes. Prevent automatic sync once: Sometimes you don't want to sync your iPad when you connect it to your computer. In this case, hold down Shift-Control or Command-Option , on a Mac in iTunes while plugging your iPad in, and iTunes will skip the automatic sync just once.


Alternatively, you can safely interrupt a sync by dragging the unlock slider while the iPad is midsync. Toggle data roaming: If you're using a 3G iPad, you can turn data roaming on in the Settings, Cellular Data menu in case you want to try receiving cellular Internet through a different provider fees may apply. You can also check your data usage by going to Settings , General, Usage. Make your passcode more complicated: Now you can use any full keyboard password to lock the iPad.

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The password also helps to encrypt your mail and attachments on the iPad, so you probably want to make it safer than a four-digit number. Set the iPad to self-destruct in 10 seconds: Okay, not really--but you can set the iPad to erase all data after ten failed passcode entry attempts by checking the Erase Data option under Settings, General, Passcode Lock.

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Tweak AutoFill: From there, you can tell Safari to fill forms automatically either by using your specified contact information or by remembering the names and passwords you've entered while logging in to Websites in the past. Sync your bookmarks: Open the iPad tab in iTunes, click the Info tab, scroll down to the Other heading, check Sync bookmarks with , and choose your preferred browser.

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E-mail photos: The easiest way to e-mail photos from an iPad is to open the Photos app, select a photo, press the button in the upper-right corner the rectangle with the arrow, not the trash button , and choose Email photo Know your Web links: You can check a linked word's actual destination URL by touching and holding down on the link--it's a perfect way to sniff out phishy links.

Choose an app for e-mail attachments: You can open a file attached to an e-mail message by tapping the attachment in Mail, but if the default app isn't the one you want to use, you can press and hold and wait for a menu that lets you select an app. Use the iPad as a picture frame: Not for physical photographs, silly.

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You can press the Picture icon in the lower-right corner of the Lock screen to have the iPad display its available photos. Show traffic conditions: Open Maps, press the dog-eared page icon in the lower right, and then turn the Traffic overlay on. If your iPad has an Internet connection, Maps will show real-time traffic conditions in the displayed area. Green means traffic is going at the posted speed limit, yellow means traffic is slower than the posted speed limit, and red means traffic is stop-and-go.